One Day Tournament

Girls Australian Rules Football

Convenors: Emmanuel, Salesian, St Francis College, SACCSS Executive Officers
  1. The Competition shall be conducted under the ‘Laws of Australian Rules Football’ as outlined by AFL Victoria, with exception of the SACCSS specific “order off” rule. (See Rule 10.)
  1. Each team is to provide a:
    Match ball – to be selected by the field umpire Juniors Size 4 SYNTHETIC Ball and Intermediate Size 4 LEATHER Ball – in line with Herald Sun Shield Competition;
    a boundary umpire (a responsible student)
    a goal umpire (a responsible student)
    a scorer and timekeeper
    a first aid kit
    NO jewellery is allowed, NO TAPING of jewellery.
    Nails should be trimmed to fingertips or gloves worn.
    The wearing of mouth guards is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED in all SACCSS AFL matches
  1. Support staff/ convenor will come to each field and collect scores with both team coach’s signatures and the umpires votes for the SACCSS Best and Fairest.
  1. Length of games for Round Robin format – 2 x 12 minutes halves with no time on and a 5 min ½ time break.

Where a Grand Final is played on the same day: 2 x 12-minute halves in the Grand Final

(Five minutes break at ½ time, 10-minute break at ½ time in the Grand Final).

Where a Grand Final is played on a separate day: 4 x 15-minute quarters

** Game lengths may be modified for ALL matches during planning phase at the discretion of the SACCSS Executive Officers for the safety and wellbeing of the players. 

  1. A junior and intermediate team will consist of a maximum of 16 players to take the field with a minimum of 11 required to start the game.
  1. A team may use up to 5 reserve players on an interchange basis; therefore Junior/Inter teams 21 players ONLY per game and may bring a playing squad of 25 for the day.
  1. Player Eligibility
  • Players may only participate in one Girls Australian Rules Football Tournament; thereby no Year 7 or 8 student is able to participate in both the Junior and Intermediate Competitions. This includes the Intermediate Grand Final if played on a separate day.
  • This rule does not affect Year 10 Girls playing in the Senior Australian Rules Home and Away season.
    • Consequence for breaches of this Rule:
      • Playing an ineligible player in a Round Robin competition

the offending team will lose the match in which the breach took place and receive a further match point penalty in accordance with sport ladder point scheme. Furthermore, a 0 score will be recorded for the offending team. The oppositions score will stand.

 7.1.2      Playing an ineligible player in a Final

Game lost on forfeit for offending team and opposition awarded the win.

  1. The ladder will be calculated like a normal football ladder
  • 4 points for a win, 2 points for a draw and 0 points for a loss.
  • Percentage will be calculated using points for and points against.
  1. In the event of a draw in a Final, two periods of four minutes extra time each way will be played; if the score is still drawn at the end of extra time, play will continue and the ‘Golden Goal’ Rule will apply and the next team to make ANY score will be deemed the winner.
  • The Umpire shall have the power to send off any player for misconduct (as this term is understood under the ‘Laws of Australian Football’ Rule 22. Order Off Law).
    • Yellow Card Offence – Player is sent off the field for a period of 10 minutes playing time and may NOT be interchanged. Upon the same player being sent off a second time in the same game, she shall remain off field for the remainder of the match (replacement allowed after 10 minutes)
    • Red Card Offence – Player will be removed from the match and may NOT be replaced.


  • There should be a 5-6-5 set up structure for centre bounces
  • No intentional kicking off the ground
  • No full possession in the ruck- players must tap ball
  • Players are allowed no more than two bounces before disposal (Junior Only)
  • A twenty-five (25) metre penalty shall be awarded in place of a fifty (50) metre penalty
  • Injury Time

In the event of a serious injury where a player cannot be moved from the field until assessed and deemed medically safe to move, the game time shall be suspended for up to a total of 10 minutes for the match.

Once player is moved from the field the clock will restart and the game recommences from the position of play that it was stopped, and the game is played out in its entirety.
               If at the 10 minute mark the player has not been moved the game result would be either:
               (a)  If the match time was suspended prior to the half time siren due to serious injury – the game is         abandoned and a draw is awarded with 2 points allocated to each team
(b)  If the second half has commenced then the result at the point in time that the clock was stopped will               stand as the result of the match.  The game will not be replayed.

If the score of a FINAL is a DRAW when Injury Time is called, and play does not resume within the 10 minutes; it is recommended that the entire match should be replayed at another time, as negotiated by the two colleges involved and the SACCSS EO. (This is open to the discretion of the SACCSS EO)