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2022 Cross Country Championships

The 2022 Cross Country Championships will be held on Tuesday 3rd May.

2021 Cross Country Championships

Tuesday, 4th May 2021

Brimbank Park, Keilor

The SACCSS Annual Cross Country Championships were held on Tuesday 4th May 2021.
The weather conditions made the course and gathering areas wet underfoot and quite chilly.
The meet was still well participated and went ahead as scheduled.
Thank you to all Heads of Sport and staff from our member colleges who assisted with the smooth running of this meet.
Thank you to the student competitors and parents for coming out and supporting us in such poor conditions.

2021 Individual Placings by Event

Team Results

Major Awards

Cross Country Indiv Place Results 2021
Cross Country Junior Team Results 2021
Cross Country Inter Team Results 2021
Cross Country Senior Team Results 2021

Images from 2021 Cross Country

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Cross Country Info

Starting times for events are to be:

Arrival 9:30 am
Pre race address 10:15 am
Event 1 13 yr Junior Girls 3km 10:30 am

12 Competitors

Event 2 13 yr Junior Boys 3km 10:55 am

12 Competitors

Event 3 14 yr Junior Girls 3km 11:20 am

12 Competitors

Event 4 14 yr Junior Boys 3km 11:45 am

12 Competitors

Event 5 15-16 yr Intermediate Girls 3km 12:10 pm

12 Competitors

Event 6 17-20 yr Senior Girls 3km 12:35 pm

12 Competitors

Event 7 15-16 yr Intermediate Boys 4km 1:00 pm

10 Competitors

Event 8 17-20 yr Senior Boys 4km 1:25 pm

10 Competitors

Presentation 2:00pm
Departure 2:30 pm

2022 Cross Country Start Line

Schools are allowed to have three students on the start line and the rest of the team is to line up behind those students.  In the event there is more room on the start line (i.e. senior races) it will be at the start official’s discretion as to how many students will be allowed to line up on the start line. These places will be rotated each year.
All competitors are to remain in finishing order at the finish line.


Placing’s in team events are decided by totalling
a. The first 6 competitors from each school in the Junior events;
b. The first 6 competitors from each school in the Intermediate events and
c. The first 6 competitors from each school in the Senior events.

These placing’s are totalled and the school with the lowest total is the winner.
In the event of a tie, the team whose last scoring member finished closest to the winner takes precedence. If a school fails to have the full number of runners in the Junior, Intermediate and Senior events complete the course, then the school shall be awarded the place/s after the final runner has completed the course.

First Aid

Each school should bring a basic first aid kit and mobile phone.  St. John’s Ambulance or the equivalent will be booked for the event.


Each school is to provide staff for supervision and the assigned roles as advised by the Executive Officer.

Dress Code

Each school shall ensure their team wears the correct uniform.  Students may compete in school sports short, running shorts or compression tights.
All competitors are to attach the bibs to the front of their shirt/ singlet.
No spikes are to be worn. Any competitor wearing spikes will be disqualified.


Medallions will be presented to the first three placing’s in each race.

Pennants will be awarded to winning school in the following categories:

Junior Boys Junior Girls Junior Aggregate
Intermediate Boys Intermediate Girls Intermediate Aggregate
Senior Boys Senior Girls Senior Aggregate

A Perpetual Trophy will be awarded to the winning school in the following categories:

Junior Aggregate Intermediate Aggregate Senior Aggregate

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