Junior Tournament

Venue: Melbourne Airport Golf Club
Operations Road, Melbourne Airport, 3045
Date: Friday 3rd March 2023
Time: Arrive by 9:15 am
Player briefing at 9:30 am
Walk to starting holes 9:45 am
10:00 am Tee Off. Shotgun Start.

Entries: All entries, as detailed in ‘Competition Details’, must be received by the
Executive Officer no later than Monday 27th February 2023

Open Tournament

Venue: Craigieburn Golf Club
Craigieburn Road
Date: Tuesday 28th February 2023
Times: Arrive by 8:45 am
Player briefing at 9:00 am
9.15am am Tee Off.

Entries: All entries, as detailed in ‘Competition Details’, must be received by the Executive Officer.

School entries
School entries not received by this date may jeopardise the schools’ participation in the respective tournament.

Dress Code

School Pants/PE shorts/dress shorts or dress pants along with school polo
shirt. Runners or golf shoes. Hats for sun protection are recommended.
No track pants, jeans or board shorts.
Students in incorrect attire will not be permitted to play.


All students must provide their own set of clubs. (No sharing)

All buggies must have slicks.
Hire of clubs & buggies may be available on limited basis at a cost to the


Each school is required to send 1 staff member per venue. The staff member
will be allocated to a group of golfers and act as an official for the group. It is
the responsibility of the players to check each others scores at the end of
each hole played.
At the junior tournament staff are asked to guide and mentor players through
the day with the aim to increase interest in the activity and skill level amongst
the member schools.


General Points
Before commencing your round:
Read the Local Rules on the score card.
Put an identification mark on your ball. Many golfers play the same brand of ball and if you can’t identify your ball, it’s lost.
Count your clubs. You are allowed a maximum of 14 clubs.

Teeing Off
Tee off between and not in front of the tee markers. You may tee off up to two club-lengths behind the front line of the tee-markers.

Playing the Ball
Play the ball as it lies. Don’t improve your lie, the area of your intended swing or your line of play by moving, bending or breaking anything fixed or growing except in fairly taking your stance or making your swing.
If your ball lies in a bunker or a water hazard, don’t touch the ground in the bunker, or the ground in the water hazard, before your downswing.

On the Putting Green
You may mark, lift and clean your ball on the putting green. Always replace it on the exact spot.

Lifting, Dropping and Placing the ball
When dropping, stand erect, hold the ball at shoulder height and arm’s length and drop it. If a dropped ball strikes you or your partner, caddie or equipment, it must be re-dropped without penalty.


Moveable obstructions (e.g. rakes, tin cans etc.) anywhere on the course may be moved. If the ball moves it must be replaced without penalty.
If an immovable obstruction (e.g. a water fountain) interferes with your stance or swing, you may drop the ball within one club-length of the nearest point of relief not nearer the whole.

Remember, a good score may be spoiled, or a match lost, due to a penalty incurred through ignorance or confusion concerning the Rules.


Junior golf tournament: The maximum number of shots that a player will take is 12 shots per hole regardless of par.
Open golf tournament: The maximum number of shots that a player will take is 10 shots per hole regardless of par.

For any penalty incurred, a one- stroke penalty will apply to the players score.
For a lost ball off the tee, and due to time restraints, a player will take a two- stroke penalty.
The player will then proceed to drop a new ball from where the original ball was agreed to be lost.
This will be the players 4th shot.

Don’t move, talk or stand close to a player making a stroke.
Don’t play until the group in front is out of the way.
Always play without delay.
Leave the putting green as soon as all players in the group have holed out.
Invite faster groups to play through.
Replace divots. Smooth footprints in bunkers.
Don’t step on the line of another player’s putt.
Don’t drop clubs on the putting green.
Replace the flagstick carefully.

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