One Day Tournament


Convenor: St. Monica’s, SACCSS Executive Officer
1. Introduction
1.1 The rules, regulations and conditions that govern the participation in the SACCSS Futsal Championships are outlined in
this document
1.2 All rules, contained herein are based on the FIFA’s current ‘Futsal Laws of the Game’ and the Rules of Competition may
only be amended by Football Victoria (FV).
1.3 Back pass to the Keeper – For Clarity
Keeper can only handle the ball in the keeper area
Ball can be thrown or kicked by the keeper anywhere on the court
If a ball is passed back to the keeper by a team mate, keeper can not use his/her hands
Ball can not be passed back to the keeper once he/she has put the ball into play unless touched by an opponent or
after a dead ball situation
Keeper may drop kick a ball if received from open play (not from a back pass)
Keeper has 4 seconds to get rid of the ball anywhere in his/her own half of the court
2. Age categories
2.1 A JUNIOR, INTERMEDIATE and SENIOR Futsal tournament shall be offered for both girls and boys.
3. Eligibility:
3.1 Junior and Intermediate players may only participate in ONE Futsal Tournament each year; thereby no Year 7 or 8
student is able to participate in both the Junior and Intermediate Competitions
3.2 Consequence for breaches of this Rule:
3.2.1 Playing an ineligible player in a Round Robin competition
The offending team will lose the match in which the breach took place and receive a further match point penalty in accordance
with sport ladder point scheme. Furthermore, a 0 score will be recorded for the offending team. The oppositions score will
3.2.2 Playing an ineligible player in a Final
game lost on forfeit for offending team and opposition awarded the win.
3.3 Squad Size
Teams are to consist of 12 players only for the day; teams found to have played more than 12 players will incur a 3 Point
penalty (ladder standings).
4. Game duration
4.1 All matches shall comprise of two (2) halves of nine (9) minutes playing time, with a no half-time interval, just a straight
swap of ends. The SACCSS Executive Officer may alter these times with consultation of heads of sport to suit team entries
and court availability.
5. Code of conduct
5.1 Teams or players that are found to be continually abusive and/or disruptive to the competition, management or referees
will be disqualified from the competition and asked to leave.
5.2 Any player that uses offensive, insulting or abusive language threatens or hits a referee, staff member or player will be
sent off immediately and depending on the severity of the incident expelled from the competition, and/or dealt with by the
disciplinary panel.
6. Points Allocations (results)
WIN Three (3) points
DRAW One (1) point
LOSS Zero (0) points
FORFEIT FOR Three (3) points plus a score of 3 – 0 against the team that causes the forfeit result
FORFEIT AGAINST Zero (0) points


7. Determination of final placing
7.1 At the completion of the group matches, the ranking in each group is determined as follows:
a) Greater number of points obtained in all group matches;
b) If two or more teams are equal on the basis of the above measure, their place shall be determined in the following
i. The team with the best win/loss percentage/ratio
ii. The team with the greatest goal difference;
iii. The team with the highest number of goals for;
v. The team that won the encounter during the group matches (head to head result);
vi. A penalty shootout.
8. In the event that the finals’ game results in a draw at the completion of regular time, the following shall occur:
i. Extra Time of three (3) minutes each way will be played, with a straight turn around at half-time. If, however, teams are still
equal at the completion of Extra Time, then the following shall occur:
ii. A penalty shootout will take place in accordance with FIFA’s current Laws of the Game, with the team completing the most
successful penalties being declared the winner of the tournament.
9. Match balls 11.1 Size 4 Futsal balls will be used for the competition.
10. Uniforms
10.1 It is compulsory for all team members who are not the nominated Goalkeeper to participate in a colour coordinated
uniform comprised of:
• A numbered shirt (the number must clearly contrast with the shirt colour)
• Shorts – NO POCKETS
• Long socks
• Suitable non-marking shoes
• Shin-pads that provide a reasonable degree of protection (as stated in FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game)
• NO JEWELLERY that could cause injury to a player or opponent
10.2 Goalkeepers may also wear: • Knee and / or elbow pads • Goalkeeping gloves
10.3 Where two opposing team’s uniforms are similar, SACCSS provides CLASH bibs to the second named team on the
score sheet.
11. First Aid
First Aid staff will be on hand for the duration of the tournament. Taping and strapping are NOT guaranteed to be part of the
duties of the First Aid Staff.
12a Injuries
12a.1 please reports all injuries to management.
12b Blood Rule
12b.1 If a player is bleeding, they must vacate the court immediately.
12b.2 the player will be allowed to take the court once bleeding has stopped and when instructed by the referee.
In the event of a serious injury in Futsal, where a player cannot be moved from the court until assessed and deemed medically
safe to move, the following shall occur.
– If this occurs in the first half of the game, the game is abandoned and a draw is recorded for both teams.
– If the injury occurs after half time, the game is stopped and the score stands as recorded at the time of the injury.
13. Team management and responsibilities
The coach and / or teacher of each team is responsible for all matters relating to the team including the conduct of team
members and supporters, disciplinary matters, adherence to local regulations and appropriate use of venues, during and
between all matches in accordance to ‘SACCSS Code of Conduct’.
14. Completion of Team Sheets
14.1 Official Team sheets will be provided by SACCSS for all games including named 12 players; shirt numbers may be
added on the day of the tournament
14.2 SMC students will be allocated to each court and will be responsible for the score sheet on the day
14.3 Only the names of players present on the day who have been officially nominated to participate in the competition should
be included on Match Sheets.
14.4 Players not entered on the Team Sheet will be deemed ineligible to participate in that game.
14.5 Players are only permitted to nominate and play in one team as detailed in the eligibility guideline. Any player found guilty
of breaching the eligibility guidelines will be expelled from the tournament.
14.6 Team sheets must be signed at the completion of each match by each team coach/teacher and the match referee for the
result to be entered and confirmed.


15. Disciplinary Cards
15.1 The ‘FIFA current Futsal Laws of the Game LAW 5 – The Referee’, states “The decision of the referee regarding facts
connected with play are final”. Whilst a team official may exercise the right of appeal, that right of appeal is restricted to
grounds set out in Section 24 – Appeals.
15.2 General information in relation to disciplinary cards
• Yellow cards accumulated in preliminary matches carry through to finals.
– A yellow Card can be issued by the referee for Time Wasting during any match of the day.
• Red Cards carry an automatic one (1) match suspension (in addition to any further suspension imposed by the Tournament
Disciplinary Panel) for the next scheduled game/s. If the red card is issued in the last preliminary match then the suspension is
served in the first game of the finals’ series.
• The SACCSS Executive Officer will be informed of the Red Card immediately at the conclusion of the match by the referees.
• A suitable player may enter the pitch two (2) complete minutes after a teammate has been sent off, unless a goal is scored
against their team before the two minutes have elapsed.
• Any team that plays a suspended player will automatically forfeit that match.
• Any player who is sent off (shown a red card) is prohibited from:
1. Taking any further part in that match; or
2. Sitting on the team bench for the remainder of the match or for the period of their suspension; or
3. Remaining in the vicinity of the playing arena as designated by the referee.
15.3 Disciplinary Cards; Specific circumstances
Where a player receives two (2) yellow cards in a single match the following applies:
• The player is shown a red card after receiving the second yellow card and must vacate the court and leave the playing
• The player receives an automatic one (1) match suspension that must be served in the team’s next game.
• The player’s name will appear on the match sheet for the next game as ‘suspended’.
Note: these two yellow cards will not count in the players accumulated yellow card tally as they are regarded as a Red Card
for the purpose of suspension.
15.4 Where a player receives one (1) single red card in a match the following applies:
• The player must vacate the court and leave the playing arena.
• The player receives an automatic one (1) match suspension in addition to any further penalty awarded by the Tournament
Disciplinary Panel if a report by either of the match officials warrants a disciplinary hearing. The suspension must be served in
the team’s next game. Any additional suspension period must be served in subsequent game/s.
• The players name will appear on the match sheet for the next game as ‘suspended’.
15.5 Where a player accumulates two (2) yellow cards through the course of the Tournament the following applies
• The player shall receive an automatic suspension of one (1) game.
• The suspension is served in the next game immediately following the issue of the second yellow card.
• The player’s name will appear on the match sheet for the next game as ‘suspended’.
Note: The yellow card tally for that player is reset to nil following the suspension.
15.6 Where a player has previously received a suspension for the accumulation of two (2) yellow cards the following will apply:
The accumulation of a further one (1) yellow card will result in:
• The player receiving an automatic suspension of one (1) match that is to be served for the next scheduled game.
Note: The yellow card tally for that player is reset to nil following the suspension.
15.7 Where a player has previously served a suspension for accumulation of one (1) yellow card following a suspension for
two (2) yellow cards the following will apply:
A receipt of a further single (1) yellow card will result in:
• The player receiving an automatic suspension of one (1) match that is to be served for the next scheduled game.
Note: The yellow card tally for that player is reset to nil following the suspension.
15.8 All teams must have an adult / teacher supervising them in all games. It is the responsibility of the school participating to
ensure that their students are behaving in an appropriate manner at all times. Schools that do not provide or enforce correct
supervision will be asked to leave the tournament. This will be reported to the Executive Officer of SACCSS.
16. Delayed starts/forfeits
16.1 There will be no delayed starts. Teams not ready to take the court within 5 minutes of the start, will forfeit the match. 1
goal will be awarded for every minute late then the game is forfeited after five minutes
17. Abandoned matches
17.1 Matches may be abandoned when it is deemed by the Match Official that the game can not continue due to any of the
• For disciplinary reasons – where violent conduct by players, team officials or spectators creates an untenable situation for
• Where the playing surface or court area is deemed dangerous or unusable.

17.2 Where a match is abandoned for disciplinary reasons, the match officials are required to ascertain the team at fault and
award the following:
• To the team deemed at fault – A 5-0 forfeit loss or the match result at the time the game was abandoned (whichever
provides the most advantageous result for their opponents).
• To the team deemed not at fault – A 5-0 forfeit win or the match result at the time the game was abandoned (which ever
provides the most advantageous result for them).
17.3 The team deemed at fault will be asked to show cause why they should remain in the competition.
17.4 Where a match is abandoned for non-disciplinary reasons, the Tournament officials are required to take all possible steps
to either:
• Reschedule the game (reset to 0-0) when the Tournament schedule allows; or
• Recommence the game (score line carries over) in due course to allow for a full-time result.
17.5 If 75% of a match has been played (15 minutes) the match will not be rescheduled and the score at the time of the
abandonment will stand, unless the team at fault of the abandonment is found to be at fault, whereby paragraph 22.2 will
come into effect.

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