One Day Tournament


Convenor: SACCSS Executive Officer/ Mackillop College

  1. Each team is to provide a:
  • match ball (to be selected by the umpire);
  • a scorer and timekeeper
  • a first aid kit
  1. Length of games for ALL competitions will be 2 x 15min halves with 2-minute half time break.

(Same time requirements for Grand Final). *Game lengths can be modified by the Executive Officers during the planning phase dependant on entry numbers and fixture requirements for the safety and well being of all players.

  1. Penalty strokes and corners are played out regardless of whether time is up.
  1. The finalists shall be awarded on points and goal difference. A win receives 4 points, a draw receives 2 points and a loss 0 points.
  1. A maximum of 11 players are allowed to be on the field per team. An interchange with up to 6 players is allowed. The interchange may be used at any time during a match.
  1. Player Eligibility

Players may only participate in one SACCSS Hockey Tournament each year; thereby no Year 7 or 8 student is able to participate in both the Junior (Years 7-8) and Senior (Years 9-12) Competitions.

6.1  Consequence for breaches of this Rule:

6.1.1      Playing an ineligible player in a Round Robin competition

The offending team will lose the match in which the breach took place and receive a further match point penalty in accordance with sport ladder point scheme. Furthermore, a 0 score will be recorded for the offending team. The oppositions score will stand.

6.1.2      Playing an ineligible player in a Final
            The game lost on forfeit for offending team and opposition awarded the win.

  1. Safety
  • The goalkeeper MUST wear full protective equipment.
  • ALL Players MUST wear shin guards and mouthguards.
  • SACCSS provides 4 face masks at each end of a field that MUST be worn by FOUR players when a PENALTY CORNER is being taken.
  1. The following penalties apply:
  • The “tomahawk hit” is banned for all matches and is to result in a free hit to the opposition.
  • Playing penalty: slight body contact in tackle, slight stick contact in tackle and stick contact in tackle where the obvious intention was to play the ball.
  • Refer to captain, verbal warning, Green Card: Dissent towards umpire by bench members, deliberate use of hand or foot to stop ball, sledging of an opponent.
  • Yellow Card (10 minutes): Including; deliberate use of body to take player out of play, vicious stick on stick contact.
  • Red Card (remainder time of game): Deliberate use of body or stick likely to result in an injury.
  • No players can be replaced if exiting the field for a penalty.
  1. Drawn Scores in Finals
  • If there is a drawn score at the end of the Semi Final; there will be NO OVERTIME, teams will move straight to Penalties. 1:1 Format: each team selects 5 players, each player has 8secs to take a shot on goal 1 on 1 against goalie. If scores a drawn after all 5 players from each team have had their shot, you go a 6th player etc, *cannot use the same players.
  • If there is a drawn score at the end of a Grand Final: teams will play extra time of
  • 2 x 5-minute halves, changing ends at half time. The “Golden Goal Rule” will apply during Extra Time.  If scores remained 0-0 at the end of extra time a penalty strokes will apply as above in Semi Finals.
  1. Injury Time

In the event of a serious injury where a player cannot be moved from the field until assessed and deemed medically safe to move, the game time shall be suspended for up to a total of 15 minutes for the match.

Once player is moved from the field the clock will restart and the game recommences from the position of play that it was stopped, and the game is played out in its entirety.
         If at the 15 minute mark the player has not been moved the game result would be either:
         (a)  If the match time was suspended prior to the half time siren due to serious injury – the game is abandoned and a draw is awarded with 2 points allocated to each team
(b)  If the second half has commenced then the result at the point in time that the clock was stopped will stand as the result of the match.  The game will not be replayed.