SACCSS Code of Behaviour – Administrators, Staff, Coaches, Officials

SACCSS Code of Behaviour -

Administration, Staff, Coaches, Officials

Member schools and individuals, representing member schools are required to comply with the Code of Behaviour and Responsibilities during any activity sanctioned by SACCSS. 


  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of others.
  • Be fair, considerate and honest in all dealing with others.
  • Be responsible for your actions.
  • Refrain from any behaviour that may bring SACCSS or a member school into disrepute.
  • Show concern and caution towards others who may be sick or injured.
  • Be a positive role model.

Anti-Racism Code for Players and Player Support Personnel

  • SACCSS does not tolerate engaging in any conduct (whether through the use of language, gestures, actions or otherwise) which is likely to offend, insult, humiliate, intimidate, threaten, disparage or vilify any reasonable person in the position of a Player, Player Support Personnel, or any other person (including spectators) on the basis of their race, religion, culture, colour, descent, national or ethnic origin.

*(adapted from Cricket Australia Player Handbook Anti-Racism Code)

Note:     Any person who has reason to believe that an offense has been made under this Anti-Racism Code is asked to record all details of such incidents via a SACCSS Incidents Report and send a copy to the Executive Officers via their Sports Coordinator within 24 hrs of the incident. The Executive Officers will seek the support of SACCSS Executive when dealing with matters of this nature.

Administrator/ Convenors

  • Resolve conflicts fairly and promptly through established procedures.
  • Maintain strict impartiality.
  • Be aware of your legal responsibilities.
  • Provide a safe environment for all affiliated with SACCSS.
  • Before games commence, convenors should give umpires a copy of the expected code of behaviour and be aware of the send off rule. All incidents should be reported to the convenor at the first opportunity so that convenors can keep an eye on the situation.
  • Results of all matches should be forwarded to the executive officer within 24 hrs of games.
  • Encourage the replay of missed matches.
  • Have mobile number and circulate it.

    Coaches and Supervising Staff

  • Coaches and staff will insist on the highest standard of sportsmanship at all times. Staff should be proactive in ensuring students follow the code of conduct.
  • Accept and respect the role of officials in ensuring that competitions are conducted fairly and according to established rules. No abuse of the official will be tolerated.
  • Know and abide by the rules, regulations and standards, and insist players to do likewise. Support the umpire’s decisions unequivocally at all times.
  • They will show friendly courtesy to the coaches, staff and students of the opposing side.
  • They will introduce themselves to the opposing coach and officials prior to the start of the game and applaud good play by both sides.
  • Where they have legitimate complaints against their opponents, they will stage these courteously at the time.  Under no circumstances should staff argue any matter with umpires or staff of opposing schools. A courteous discussion away from students is permitted.
  • Provide a safe environment for the conduct of the activity.
  • They will be appropriately dressed.
  • Provide feedback to players and other participants in a manner sensitive to their needs.

Ensure adequate preparation has occurred in the lead up to a major event/ competition.


  • Place the safety and welfare of the players/ participants above all else.
  • Accept responsibilities for all actions taken.
  • Be impartial.
  • Avoid any situation which may lead to conflict of interest.
  • Be courteous, respectful and open to discussion and interaction.
  • Value the individual in sport.