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Major Sports Carnivals

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Carnival Dates


Carnival Dates

*Possible Boys and Girls Singles, Section A in Junior and Intermediate Tournaments – TBC by HoS Group


Carnival Dates

Senior entries competition are due to the Executive Officer Monday 18th February 2019.
Junior and Intermediate competition entries are due Friday 23rd August 2019.

Playing a match and organisation

No warm ups are permitted once the tournament begins. Courts are available from 8.30am for schools to use for warm up.
Prior to the start of a match, players from each of the schools must meet on the court introduce themselves and check the correct teams are playing

ALL serves must be overarm
The winning team will be responsible for delivery of the score slip to the organisers table. Both players of the winning school must initial the slip.

Assistants will be at the courtside, but students will be required to umpire their own matches.
In the case of a dispute, the point must be replayed with a staff member present. If you are unhappy with any situation that arises then please contact the organisers to assist.
It is the responsibility of the team manager and captain to make sure that all matches are completed.

Players should be aware of their matches and the courts that they are played on. It is the responsibility of the players to check their position on the ladders heading into the finals.  If players are not able to be found for scheduled matches or finals, they may forfeit their match.


Schools are responsible for bringing reserve players to cover for injured players if they wish to, only original doubles players must not be interchanged into other doubles teams.  For example; -a boy in the Boys Doubles A cannot play in the Mixed Doubles but must play in the Boys Doubles A only.

Once an interchange has been made to a team, the removed player cannot play again throughout the day for that team or any other team.
Players can only compete in one team/ category for the day of competition; Eg- A player who is the singles player, can not also be in a doubles team.

Game Length

Juniors and Intermediates

For each match the first team to four (4) games will win. Teams must not play extra games! At three games all a tiebreaker will be played with the first team to five points declared the winner– NO 2 POINT ADVANTAGE REQUIRED


For each match the first team to five (5) games will win. Teams must not play extra games! At four games all a tiebreaker will be played with the first team to five points or a two-point advantage declared the winner.


No advantage will be played at deuce; the next point will win.
The ladder will be based on 4 points for a winning match and 0 for a loss.
To separate teams with the same number of wins, a column based upon games won/games lost will then be used.
Staff are encouraged to check the ladders regularly and report any concerns immediately.


The top two teams will play off for the title of champion. If there is a need to split the competition into pools the top two teams will play a semifinal with the winners of these games to play off for the championship.

Wet Weather

In the event of wet conditions schools will be contacted 24 hrs. in advance and arrangements made for competition.


Each school will be required to send a minimum of 1 staff member on the day for each age division that the school is competing in.

Dress Code

Players must wear College polo shirt, appropriate tennis shorts/skirts may be worn. Hats for sun protection are recommended under the SACCSS Safety Policy.


Winning teams/ individuals will receive a medallion each on the day of competition.
A pennant will be awarded to the highest aggregate team total in Junior, Intermediate and Senior competitions based upon their rankings after the finals – this will be awarded at the Awards Luncheon in Term 4.