Senior Mixed Netball Regs


One Day Tournament

Mixed Netball

The competition shall be conducted in accordance with the rules specified in the Netball Australia INF Rule Book except where amended below.

  1. Teams are to consist of a maximum of 12 players only for the day.

The names will be entered on the score sheet prior to the commencement of the game. Teams must field a minimum of 5 players for a game to commence (3 of whom must be female).

  1. Each mixed team must have on court a minimum of 2 male players and a maximum of 3 male players with the following playing conditions adhered to:
  • Minimum 2 males

o 1 offence (GA/GS)

o 1 midcourt (WA/C/WD) or

o 1 midcourt (WA/C/WD) and one defence (GD/GK)

  • Maximum 3 males

o 1 offence (GS/GA)

o 1 midcourt (WA/C/WD) and

o 1 defence (GD/GK)

  1. All games will be 2 x 12-minute halves including finals.
  2. 2-minute break between halves, 3-minute break for the Finals.
  3. Fighting will not be tolerated. Individuals and/or teams will be removed from the competition for this indiscretion.
  4. Scoring: Win        4 Points

Draw     2 Points

Loss       0  Point


  1. Teams found to be on equal number of points after the round robin will have their place determined by their overall percentage.
  2. No dissent toward the referees will be tolerated.
  3. In the event of a draw in the Finals, two periods of three minutes extra time each way will be played, if it is still a draw, play on to a team has a 2-goal advantage.


  1. Each team needs to supply one scorer who will sit with the scorer from the opposing school to verify scores. One scorer operates the electronic scoreboard while the other records the score on the sheet.  At half time the scorers exchange tasks.  Please ensure these students are not players involved in the tournament.
  2. No jewellery or watches are to be worn. Earrings must be removed.
  3. Players should wear shorts with no pockets or netball skirts/dresses.
  4. Each team needs to complete a team sheet before each game.
  5. Score sheets need to be brought to the tournament organiser by both scorers at the end of each game.
  6. No discussion regarding scores will be entered into once the score sheet has been signed by the referee and lodged with the tournament organiser.
  7. Any other matters will be at the discretion of the tournament organiser in consultation with the referees.
  8. All schools will be required to support the convening school in clean up prior to presentations.
  9. All schools are to remain for presentations, to be held on Court One.
  10. Each school must bring their own First Aid supplies and ice packs
  11. Schools not on time for their games may incur a penalty of 2 points per minute until half time and will forfeit their game if they have not arrived by half time. The penalty for a forfeit is 0-10 score line and 4 points as a win.
  12. Draws will be given prior to the tournament.
  13. Schools may elect to enter this competition by notifying the Executive Officer by the date requested in Term
  14. Injury Time
    In the event of a serious injury in Senior Mixed Netball, where a player cannot be moved from the court until assessed and deemed medically safe to move, the following shall occur.
    – If this occurs in the first half of the game, the game is abandoned and a draw is recorded for both teams.
    –  If the injury occurs after half time, the game is stopped and the score stands as recorded at the time of the injury.